Checkered Flag Entertainment

Design, build, and monitor
CFE will design and build a track layout to your custom specifications.  Be it a simple 2 lane oval or road course, to a more complicated 3-4 lane  course.  A pit lane can be incorporated into almost any design depending on the area allotted.

At CFE, we use the most up to date technology from Carrera, including the new 2.4 Ghz wireless controllers.  A display tower can be used to display lap by lap progress of each driver.  Your 'Race Coordinator' will call all the action as it happens over a localized PA system.  A laptop computer will keep track of all the racing results.  Individual driver displays can also sometimes be used, depending on the layout design.  The races themselves, can be structured to meet the needs of the client, being time or laps.

For most layouts, an 18" monitor can be used to display the race stats and results for all to see.  If provided and displayed, an additional, larger monitor can be used as well.   We have cables to connect to virtually any flat screen monitor (check with us for details).

CFE can customize almost any theme to fit the client's requirements.  We are also the only mobile track to offer the use of 1/24 scale slot cars as well (contact for styles available).

Don't just go with a "Toy on a Table", get a quote from C.F.E. and let us transform your event into the closest thing to real
racing possible.  Our product and service are second to none!

Track and Branding Options
  • Scenery Details (this is our specialty)
  • Personalized signage on "Safety Fences"
  • Signage along track walls  (inside and outside)
  • Branded table walls
  • Branded Slot Car Bodies  (rent or buy)
  • Custom stitched 'Infield Art'
  • Functional Pit Lane and Driver Data Displays
  • CCV Cameras around track to capture all the racing      (Currently up tp 8 cameras can be utilized with dedicated monitors)
  • Personnalized DVD for your event
               (cost based on time and media content)
  • 1/24 scale cars
  • More in development....

1/32 scale
Regardless of the selection
CFE brings the 'Complete Package'!
It's our attention to the smallest of details that separate us from the competition.
Slot Car Choices:

1/32 scale
1/32 and 1/24
Le Mans Style
               Touring                                Contact us for more possible options
(see size comparison below)
Flag Girls/Models can also be made available to pose for photos and crowd interaction.
(additional charge required)