Checkered Flag Entertainment

"The details were fantastic!  As close to real racing as you can get!"
-Chris Johnson

  Senior VP Event Manager
Scaled down racing excitement!!
six race at a time
change lanes
make pit stops
Race one of six controlled cars along
side of up to 3 computer cars all on
the same set of lanes.
Pull right up on the bumper of the
car in front, activate the lane change,
and execute the perfect draft pass!
Run real race strategies requiring fuel
pit stops to stay ahead of the pack!
Contact our Corporate Event Coordinator @ 1-678-812-9277
At the trade show, all set up and ready to race!
Let us build a custom table/layout for your event or company.
Computer controlled 'Drone Car' racing into the turn!
Example of custom layout/table designed and built for client 12/2013.
more information
Tampa Bay area  813-786-0082

Other inquiries    678-812-9277